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September 27, 2012

Student Council Elected

Two Student Council members (“Student Councilors”?) were elected from each of the fourth grade classes.  In past years, there were eight members, representing four classes.  This year, however, we’re down to six members, representing three classes.  Each classroom elected a boy and a girl after hearing persuasive speeches from all the cnadidates.  It was an opportunity for the teachers to teach persuasive writing.

The elected members are: Kayla DaignaultDesmond LaneFinn DalyJordan JuettenSarah Macintosh, and Matthew Ostromecki.

The role of the student council is to solicit ideas from the student body for ways to improve the school culture, building, or routines. They meet monthly to look at student suggestion forms and brainstorm solutions. Student council members, in the past, have spearheaded raising money for Haiti after the earthquake there; they ran the giving tree during the holidays; they have coordinated various events and service projects around the school; and they have emceed the Paton Pride meetings.

Typically, each year’s student council is involved with a community service project that they have created.

Fourth Grade teachers Wendy Bell and Barbara Connolly facilitate the student council.

May 31, 2012

What To Wear For “Spirit Week”

Tuesday June 5

  • PJ or Sports Day  

Wednesday June 6

  • Favorite character from movie, book or TV show

Thursday June 7

  • Crazy Hair Day

Friday June 8

  • Field Day:
    Wear your class colors: Gr. 1 Green, Gr. 2 Red, Gr. 3 Blue, and Gr. 4 Orange
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