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June 13, 2011

Shrewsbury Child Development Committee contributes to the playground

The Shrewsbury Child Development Committee (“SCDC”) has made a contribution to the playground project:

“The SCDC wanted to help you guys with the playground rebuild. We really hope this will help to get new structures for the school kids, and the neighborhood kids, to enjoy. We wish you all the luck with this gigantic project!


Your friends at the SCDC”

Learn more about the SCDC here.

From their website:

For nearly 40 years, the SCDC has been familes – volunteering their time – to create programs and activities for familes in our community with young children. For new parents or a family who has recently moved to the area, it can be a lifeline – a map to this strange new world of child development, playgroups, and what to do on a snowy Tuesday morning. For established families, the SCDC provides a safe, comfortable network where parents and children can learn and build relationships that will last long after preschool.

All SCDC activities are open to families in Shrewsbury and the surrounding communities. Parents, grandparents and caregivers are all welcome to the planning meetings. There is no membership and no annual dues.

The SCDC is constantly evolving. As new babies are born and children grow up, the faces at our events change. The events change also, to suit the evolving needs of our community.

The key to the SCDC’s success is participation. Parents who bring their families to the events, who share their ideas, and volunteer their time – they are the ones who make the SCDC work.

Come to an event! Join us at a planning meeting! Let’s work together to make the SCDC the best it can be!

Many Paton students were once SCDC kids.  The Paton PTO thanks our friends and neighbors at the SCDC for their generosity!

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