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May 21, 2013

Raffle Winners Announced!

One Grand prize — Apple iPad with Retina Display:
Tim Luke (sold by Hailey Luke)

One “Mini Grand” prize — Apple iPad Mini:
Abby Clifford (sold by Amanda Clifford)

One Second prize — Apple iPod Touch (5th generation):
Kong Wu (sold by Shirley Wu)

THREE third prizes — each a $25 Apple iTunes gift card:
Jichen Lin (sold by Kevin Dong),
Sam Opoku (sold by Harris Appiah), and
Andy Cherniack (sold by Diana Cherniak)

— — —

Sellers of the winning tickets will receive $10 iTunes Gift Cards!

May 21, 2013

Raffle Drawing Tonight!

Tonight at 7pm, we will draw the winning tickets for the 2013 Technology Raffle.

Tune in tonight at 7pm on channel 29 or HD Channel 329 at 7pm.

After the tickets are drawn, and the names are read, the winners will be telephoned.

After that, the names will be posted here and at

What are the odds?

We sold 883 tickets this year, so here are the odds that a single ticket will win…

  • The one iPad = 1:883 → 0.113%
  • The one iPad Mini = 1:883 → 0.113%
  • The one iPod Touch = 1:883 → 0.113%
  • One of the three $25 iTunes cards = 3:883 → 1:294.33 → 0.340%

The chance of a single purchased ticket winning ANY prize = 6:883 → 1:147.17 → 0.680%

The chance that the ticket seller will win a $10 iTunes card for having sold a prize-winning ticket = 6:883 → 1:147.17 → 0.680%


May 22, 2012

iPad Raffle Winners!

Grand Prize / New iPad: Keegan Daly

Ticket sold by: Finn Daly

2nd Place / iPod Touch: Carrick O’Brien

Ticket sold by: Kathryn O’Brien

3rd Place / $25 iTunes Gift Card: Trish Hollyer

Ticket sold by: Josh Hollyer

3rd Place / $25 iTunes Gift Card: Dave Dubois

Ticket sold by: Olivia Guidi

3rd Place / $25 iTunes Gift Card: Art Dobson

Ticket sold by: Linus Adler


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