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January 31, 2013

Mrs. Symonds’s Second Graders

Snow Cat

Mrs. Symonds’s second grade class has been studying weather. As a way to show their understanding of weather, they wrote weather haikus.

— —

by Alyssa

I love snow so much!!
I love to make a snowman.
Hot chocolate, yum!
— —

by Maya

Snow is soft and white.
I love to play in the snow.
Snow is wonderful.

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January 30, 2013

Mrs. Darling’s Third Graders

Class Poems

Angry Birds

English: Quill pen tip

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by Jackson White

Always angry at the pigs!
Never ever going to give up.
Going to knock them down,
Ready for some action!
Yelling for victory!
Burying them all the time.
It’s always a blast!
Ready for the last level.
Dominating the pigs.
Sometimes we have special features!

— —


by Dylan Lemay

Balloons everywhere
Ice cream cake
Rest up for party
The day is all about you
Have fun
Dig for presents
Ate a lot of cake
Your day is fun
Some even have it on holidays!

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January 4, 2013

Mrs. Leifer’s Fourth Graders

During the month of November we were able to enjoy the beauty of the fall foliage as well as the surprising arrival of the first snow!
Here are some poems from Room 18 that celebrate both.

— —


By Ngoc Nguyen

Leave crunching,
Smelling crisp air blowing
Sap on trees
Orange pumpkins on porches

The sun in my face
Smooth and rough leaves
Pine needle trees hang
Enjoy Fall!

— —


By Grace Li

Crunch! Crunch! Crunch!
As I walk through the tall grass,
Leaves of every color fall from the sky.
I take a big sniff,
And fresh air fills me with cheer.

The strong cool wind blows up the colorful leaves,
Bright orange pumpkins at every house.
The bright sun shone on my face,
The nice fresh air calmed me with coolness.

— —


By Dylan Keddy

The white powdery flakes
Falling high above my head
When they fall down on the
Soft, wooly ground, I think I’ll
Make a snowman.

Snowball fights, igloos,
Snowmen, and the best
of all, Snow Days!

— —

Snowfall is Winter’s Call

By Shivangi Sirisiwal

Snowfall is winter’s call
No kid could resist snow perfect for sculpting.
Only a true magician could stop the snow.
White and plush and falling from the clouds.

When you come sprinkling down kids all yell “Hurray!”
Hence you melt in the summer
Ice and snow will always show winter is finally here.
To lots of animals winter means sleep.
Even I love plush white snow.

Winter is coming, snow is falling.
Ice on lakes means ice skating
No tree leaves could survive winter.
To not see a snowman is almost impossible.
Everyone can see the snow
Run and play, it’s a winter day!

— —

Snow is Here

By Olivia Alicandro

Snow, snow starts to sprinkle
it runs and races down
and falls to the ground.

My friends play,
not a relaxing day
when snow is here!

The cold ice touches
my hand,
its frigid out, I can barely stand.

My feet are cold
my cheeks are red
I’m thinking I should go to bed!

My friends play
not a relaxing day!
When snow is here!

November 30, 2012

Ms. Halacy’s First Graders

The children wrote a pattern poem focusing on adjectives to describe themselves.

— —

by Ethan Earner

My name is Ethan.
I am creative, funny
Nice, cool,
Adventurous, polite and
My name is Ethan.

— —

by Diego Benitez-Rivera

My name is Diego.
I am creative and medium height
Adventurous also awesome.
I am Diego.

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October 25, 2012

Second Graders At George Hill Orchard

On October 12 second grade students participated in a field study to George Hill Orchard. Students have been learning about Goods and Services, Buyers and Sellers, and Producers and Consumers in Social Studies. What better way to tie it all together than actually working along side the farmer to produce apple cider and then consume it? Yummy!

Room 5 students would like to share an expository writing piece about how to make apple cider. They would also like to share their sensory poems reflecting their thoughts of the field study.

How to Make Apple Cider

  1. Harvest the apples by picking them up off the ground.
  2. Grade the apples by checking them over carefully for bruises or bumps.
  3. Wash the apples to get off all the dirt.
  4. Grind the apples into pumice or pulp.
  5. Stack the pulp on cloths, frames, and wooden platforms.
  6. Press.
  7. Collect the juice.
  8. Pasteurize and cool the cider.
  9. Bottle the cider.
  10. Enjoy!

— —

A Day at George Hill Orchard

I see crunchy, cold, red apples.

I hear the tractor.

I smell apple cinnamon donuts.

I taste apple donuts and apple cider.

I feel excited, happy, and cold.

I know how to make apple cider now.


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June 4, 2012

A Message From The Principal (June ’12)

by Jayne Wilkin, Principal

Appreciation:  To the many, many parents who have volunteered in their children’s classrooms, on field studies, and who have supported other special projects. Also great thanks to all of our PTO officers, committee chairs, and volunteers who have extended learning opportunities for our students. We will be honoring all of our volunteers during our Paton Pride meetings on the last day of school (June 13th).

A special note of thanks to these parents who have assisted in so many ways with special projects and PTO, who will be “leaving us” as their children move on to Sherwood:

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May 1, 2012

Mrs. Leifer’s Fourth Graders

Recently, the fourth grade students in Room 18 worked on writing metaphor poems about colors.  First we worked as a class to write a poem about white using a variety of images that the color white evokes.  Then the students worked with partners to write a poem about black which they shared with the class.  Finally each child wrote their own poem on a color of their choice.  Here are a few samples of their wonderful poems:

— —


by Lauren Lemay

Green is cold, smooth grapes falling into my mouth.
Green is soft grass blowing in the cool wind on a hot summer day.
Green is leaves from trees dancing to the beat of the wind.
Green is trees standing tall and stiff through all four seasons.
Green is Granny Smith apples at an orchard in the fall.
Green is a leprechaun’s hat at a St. Patrick’s Day parade.
Green is lucky shamrocks swaying in the grass.
Green is frogs jumping from one lily pad to another.
Green is a dump truck collecting all of our trash from our houses.
Green is grasshoppers hopping all around my back yard.
Green is dill pickles so sour and have some sound of a crunch.
Green is the feeling of sickness in my stomach at night.

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May 1, 2012

Mrs. Lepiesza’s First Graders

The first graders in Mrs. Lepieza’s room have read all different kinds of poetry over the year.  They took time to write their own free verse poems about flowers.

— —

by Madison

Remind me of summer and spring,
Grow in gardens or fields,
Have leafy stems,
Are a symbol of love,
Are bright and colorful.

— —

by Zachary

Are something we see
We see them all around.
First we see them come up.
They bloom with tons of beautiful colors that
We can share for the rest of the season.

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