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October 16, 2012

Playground Is OPEN!

October 9, 2012

Volunteering At Paton

by PTO Volunteer Coordinator, Sarah Merolle


As you know, we expect that the playground will soon be open for the children to enjoy!  There are just two tasks that need to be complete prior to the opening, and we need some volunteer help to make this happen. Please consider donating some of your time this Saturday morning, October 13, to assist with the following:

  • backfill the area behind the back curbing with soil to stabilize and prevent run-off of wood fiber into the conservation land
  • removal of the silt fencing

Please contact me at if you are able to assist, or if you have any questions.  Thanks in advance for your help!

Fall Social

As you know the PTO is busy planning many activities and events for the upcoming school year.  Although we have many of our chairperson positions filled, we still have a vacancy for the Fall Social, which is coming up quickly! The Fall Social is a fun evening including pumpkin painting, popcorn munching, and socializing!  It’s fairly easy to organize, and is a great way to get involved in the Paton community!  We need to identify a chairperson VERY quickly, or we will not be able to run this event.  Please consider helping out – grab a friend and work on it together! Please contact me at if you are able to assist, or if you have any questions. Thanks in advance for your help!

June 28, 2012

Playground Post-Build Update

by Sarah Merolle, PTO Volunteer Coordinator

Hi everyone,

My apologies that I’m sending this note out a little late – I’ve been playing “catch up” after last week, and the kids are keeping me busy with their summer schedule!

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June 24, 2012

Playground Built!

Will Soon Be Ready For Use

by Jayne Wilkin, Principal

A BIG SHOUT OUT to our Playground Build volunteers, who did a spectacular job yesterday! We had an extremely productive day, as the slide, swing supports, and EVOS structure came together over 10 hours today.

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June 20, 2012

Ready To Build!

Hello playground volunteers!

HUGE thanks go out to the folks who responded to our last minute request for help at the site this evening: Christa Duprey, Mark Adler, Tim Luke, Marc Muratore, Gary Alperson, Jason Palitsch, Bill Fife, Jim Morin, Anthony Rotunno, and of course, Dan Rowley from the Shrewsbury Highway Department. We made a lot of great progress this evening and really appreciate your help!

Please be assured, site prep is going well, it’s just taking longer than anticipated. We ran into issues with the auger over the weekend, and instead had to dig out larger areas with a scoop. And while this seems in general to be easier and require less physical labor, it requires the team to re-measure all the markings for the playground posts (75+ holes!). And the team is working hard to be precise! So the prep work is taking a little longer than planned, but we are just going to keep plugging away!

Dan has graciously offered to volunteer more of his personal time this Thursday evening from 3:30 – 7:00 to finish the prep work. But we need volunteers to assist – please consider helping out Thursday evening so we can wrap up the prep work. Even if you can spare a few hours it would be incredibly helpful!

If you are able to assist, please contact Sarah Merolle at

June 13, 2012

School’s Out

Enjoy your summer vacation, Paton People!

Meanwhile, please remember two additional items of business:

  • Donate to the PTO.  We need your support to help fund our enrichment programs such as the “Birds of Prey” demonstration, “General and Mrs. Artemas Ward,” and the “Bee Lady.”
  • Saturday June 23 is the Playground Community Build.  Volunteer now to help! (“For Construction Day, Everyone Is Able“)
June 7, 2012

For Construction Day, Everyone Is Able

There are no special skills required for the community build.  The PTO needs every volunteer it can muster to help on Saturday, June 23.

Even if you’re lousy with a hammer or can’t tell righty tighty from lefty loosey.

Volunteers are needed to help put the new Evos structure together, to build the swings, construct the slides or install the balance beams.  We also need helpers for the First Aid, Hospitality, and Childcare stations.

Can you bring along a wheelbarrow, folding table, portable shade/canopy/tent, or large cooler?  That would be nice bonus because everything is welcome at the community build.  But nothing is required more than your willingness to help and your indomitable spirit.

Children can’t help with the build, but we will provide childcare so parents can build.

If you just can’t make it on Saturday, June 23, we could instead use your help on Monday June 25 to join our crew spreading the new wood fiber chips surface.

To volunteer, please fill out the form at our shiny new Google Docs web form-o-rama here: [ ].

May 15, 2012

Playground Construction Rescheduled

We ran into a high water table as the augering was going on last week. Great thanks to SELCO workers, Norm Ludovico, and Mike Hale for the donated day of work for the site prep.

Unfortunately we’ll need to delay the playground community build to Saturday June 23rd.

In the next few weeks, PTO will arrange for the addition of two tons of compact aggregate/stone to help with drainage in any areas  of the playground that require it.

Our playground sales representative will redesign the placement of the EVOS structure, swings and slide. This reconfiguration will result in our moving the equipment from the “lowest land” portion of the footprint, essentially  ensuring our equipment is sufficiently on dry land.

We will still need LOTS of Volunteers on June 23rd ( click here to learn more ), and the celebratory ribbon cutting and BBQ will all be delayed as well. Please watch for more details in the coming weeks.

Great thanks to Assistant Highway Dept. Manager Dan Rowley and Town Engineer Brad Stone for all of their expertise and assistance! Kudos to project manager AK Adapa, Sarah Merolle, and PTO president Lorraine Daignault for all of the last minute work to insure we have a safe and long-lasting structure.

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