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April 8, 2013

Paton Team Will “March For Babies”

March for BabiesA team of Paton students will join the March for Babies this month in Worcester as part of a Community Service Leaning project.

The walk is on Sunday April 28, 2013 starting 9:00am behind Worcester City Hall (corner of Franklin and Main Streets).

How to join the team

Please join the team, the “Paton Pride,” either by contacting team captain Linus Adler (Mrs. Bell’s 4th grade class) or by joining on-line here. Students and their parents are encouraged to join. It’s easy to do and it promises to be a fun morning.  Once you’ve joined the walkers, you can raise funds from friends and family and then meet Linus and the rest of the team on Sunday April 28 for the walk!

How to donate

Bring in coins or checks to school and leave them in the purple “March For Babies” bucket at the main office.  Or you can donate any amount on-line here.

Show your Paton Pride!

December 5, 2012

Student Raises Funds For Orphaned Children

by Colleen Kalagher, 3rd grade teacher

I have a student in my class, Ameile Rearden took donations instead of presents for her birthday for an organization called, Half the Sky China. Below she wrote a letter that I would like to share.

Dear Half the Sky China,

For my 9th birthday I collected checks for your organization.  Enclosed is a
a check for $545,00. One hundred dollars of that was donated by our friend
Koyin Shin and then matched by her employer.  I would like to put it towards
“Dress up clothes” and books for the girls.


Ameile Rearden.

Ameile received a message back from Half the Sky China and was informed that
her donation was enough to cover the following:
·       A Chest full of Dress-Up Clothing
·       Rocking Horses
·       A Shelf full of books
·       Musical Instruments
·       Music lessons for an older child
Here is a link to the foundation:

October 13, 2012

Winter Coat Drive


First Community Service Learning Project:


If you have adult or children’s coats that are in good condition, but you’ve outgrown them, or have bought new ones, please send them to school. We will deliver them near the end of the month to the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Center.

Winter Coats

Our fourth graders study about immigrants who have made contributions to our country, including some of the hardships they go through. This is a way to help others, while also making this learning more meaningful. Mrs. Connolly’s class is leading this CSL project.

This is the thanks the Director emailed last fall:

Most of the refugees in our program arrive from countries with warm climates and they have never owned a winter coat or cold weather clothing… Imagine the delight of a refugee child playing in snow for the first time!

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