2016 Book Blizzard winners recognized

At a special Paton Pride last Friday, the results of the Book Blizzard were announced.  Congratulations to our Top 4 Book Blizzard Readers: 
Grade K/1 – Brandon Curtis
Grade 2 – Maggie Garbarino
Grade 3 – Dahlia Welland
Grade 4 – Shuling Lin
Each of these super readers received a certificate for a party of their choice at the Boroughs Branch YMCA.  
We had 50 students in the 300+ Minute club, 89 students in the 500+ Minute club and 52 students who read 1000 minutes or more.  
Our all-school total was 3372 hours and 21 minutes of reading.    Sponsorships are still rolling in but have reached about $4000 to date.  
Congratulations to all the students and families!  Your support of this program is deeply appreciated!
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