Donation Challenge funds are crucial to Paton curriculum

Paton’s annual Donation Challenge kicked off at the beginning of the month, and there are only a few days left to log on and make a contribution to fund the program of your choice.

How does the Donation Challenge work? Follow this link to our Sign Up Genius list of important enrichment programs made possible with PTO funding. Choose the program you want to support by signing up to pledge. Or simply go with a “you choose” option and fund any dollar amount you wish to pledge. Payments can be made with checks made payable to the PTO or through our Paypal account.

“Donation Challenge started years ago as a response to a direct request from the parent community,” explained Melissa Wensky, Paton PTO President. “Overwhelmingly, the PTO was receiving feedback that multiple traditional sales fundraisers were a burden of time and money for many families.  Parents expressed plainly that if they had a certain amount of dollars budgeted for donations, they wished for 100% of the funding to support their student.   The “Challenge” was created.”

In 2014, the Donation Challenge raised over $5000 for Paton enrichment programs during these few, critical weeks. But once the Challenge is over, if goal is met, the Paton community can be assured they will not be asked to fundraise again in some of the more traditional ways, such as bake sales and road races. Each dollar raised through the Donation Challenge goes directly to fund programs that would not be possible without donation dollars.

“Without the donation challenge, we would struggle to fund the programs that Paton students look forward to each year, such as the Historical Perspectives actor, Wingmasters, and the fourth grade Cartography program,” said Wendy Bell, Paton Principal. “We are so grateful to our community for the opportunity to provide our students with these experiences.”

In fact, your dollars donated through the Challenge help make Paton’s curriculum more rounded each year.


“Without the support of the Paton PTO, we would not have nearly as robust of a reading, math, science, or social studies curriculum,” said Mrs. Bell. “In particular, most of the grade level hands-on science materials are funded through the Donation Challenge: the live tadpoles in grade 2, butterflies in Kindergarten and grade 3, Acton Discovery in grades 2 and 4, and the Bee Lady in grade 1. These are all paid for through the generosity of our families and would be difficult to fund without the PTO.”

The Donation Challenge ends on October 19th. Please check out the list of funding options at this link today and make your donation.

“Although a donation challenge looks a bit different from other ‘traditional’ fundraisers, the ideal approach is the same:  If you would share a sales catalog with family and friends, the PTO would urge you to share this donation opportunity with them as well,” said Mrs. Wensky.  “The ‘bang for the buck’ is bigger with 100% of your donation guaranteed to be spent on support for your student.  As always, if the donation challenge is not successful, the PTO is inclined to add other types of fundraisers to the schedule rather than discontinue funding for programming that educators and students have come to expect.”

See below for updated information on which programs still need support!


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