5 questions with Mr. Pierce

Paton students will see a new face this year when they head to Physical Education class. Ben Pierce recently joined the Paton staff as our new PE teacher. Mr. Pierce took a few minutes to tell us about what motivated him to pursue a career in physical education, and how he strives to make the PE experience enjoyable for all.

How did you decide to pursue physical education for your career?
My father has been a PE teacher in Douglas for over 30 years and his favorite thing about his job is that he feels like he has never worked a day in his life. I don’t know if he means that literally or figuratively, but it sure sounded good to me when it came time to choose a field to study as Springfield College. So, that’s what I went with and it has worked out wonderfully.

What strategies help you ensure PE is fun for all students?
Most importantly, treating everyone equally ensures the possibility that fun can be had in class. Next, I aim to set realistic and achievable goals for each student in the class. Sometimes that is harder than others, but I always manage to find a way to do it. I then think, “If I were them, would I like this activity?”. If my answer to myself is ‘no’, then I keep thinking, and if it’s a ‘yes’ then I try to keep that activity and build off of that thought.

Do you have a role model? Who is it and why do you admire that person?
My father, Larry Pierce, is my role model for sure. Everything I mentioned above has to do with it, along with always being there for me no matter what. He has been through a lot, as have I, and getting through life’s obstacles isn’t always easy. He has shown me how to get through life’s obstacles before and it really impressed me. I now try to carry myself the way he does.

Lastly, he is the hardest working individual I have ever met. I am not talking about hustling on the basketball court or anything like that. I am talking about his PE teacher career and his refereeing. After school, for over 20 years, he has been refereeing games of all levels and multiple sports for a couple of reasons: One is to stay connected to sports. And the other is to put some food on the table for his family. No matter what, he would make sure his family was taken care of. Those are some reasons why I look up to him.

Ben Pierce enjoying being active and getting outdoors with girlfriend Melanie Thulin.

Ben Pierce enjoying being active and getting outdoors with girlfriend Melanie Thulin.

What is your favorite movie – and why?
My favorite movie is Caddy Shack. It is absolutely hilarious even though some of the jokes are corny and it has me laughing almost the entire time. Anyone that really knows me knows that I love to laugh. Then again, who doesn’t?

Complete this sentence: Each day, when I head to Paton, I strive to…

… put a smile on as many kids faces as I possibly can while doing something that is good for the mind and/or body.

… keep learning about the school’s culture, children, staff, and everything that is done to make this such a positive learning environment.

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