Students write with hearts and minds

The children in Mrs. Viscomi’s class are learning to write from their heart and mind – what they
love and what they know about. Then to make the stories entertaining, they elaborate or embellish upon the
truth stretching the imagination. Here is their work:

Allie Welch:

Ow I just stepped on a sea star. That hurt. Suddenly my mom saw me crying and she said, “Oh my, are you o.k.?” “No mom I am not o.k.”   Then come here and hug me. I said, “It feels better now and let’s go home.”

Fallon Marsh:

I am so excited. It’s the first day of school! My family was in a rush to get to school on time. When I got to school and unpacked my backpack I realized I forgot my lunch. It was lunchtime. I had to buy lunch. But what if they don’t have pizza or apple pie or mashed potatoes? I looked in my pocket to see if I had any change left from yesterday. I looked in the right pocket. I found $2.00 . In the left pocket I found two dimes and 4 pennies.   Is that enough to buy lunch I thought. At last I was second in line. My stomach growled four times. There was pizza and fish sticks and apple pie and mashed potatoes. I was in the front of the line. The lunch lady said, “Can I help you?” “Yes, can I have the fish sticks and the milk and a slice of apple pie?” I asked . I felt happy that I had lunch today.

William Prince:

Crash! I was on the playground and I fell off the slide. Dad called the ambulance. I had to go to the hospital. The people at the hospital had to run some tests on me to make sure I didn’t break my skull. Suddenly my dad came in saying my brother broke his leg! My brother had an x-ray and had to wear a cast. I also had to wear a cast. But all that mattered was that me and Charlie weren’t hurt.

Sloane Pierce:

One day I went to the zoo and they had horses there. Mom and dad let me ride one and so I got on the horse and suddenly I felt like the horse was shaking. Suddenly I fell off the horse. I was out for awhile . Just then when I woke up I was in the hospital because I broke my leg. I needed to wear a cast but the doctor made it all better and my leg was as good as new. I hope that never happens again.

Drew Manzi:

Yesterday my dad was tossing me on his bed when all of a sudden OW I yelled. My dad sighed. We have to go to the hospital. You broke your arm.  Without warning we rushed out the door. At last we were at the hospital. The doctor said I would have to get an x-ray tomorrow morning. I’d have to sleep over the hospital. What a bummer! The next morning I had a good breakfast. But without warning the doctor came in saying “Are you ready for your x-ray?” “Y-yes.” I stammered. Then come along exclaimed the doctor. Before I knew it I was laying on a special bed. My sister laughed out loud saying, “Drew’s a big baby!” I hope it never happens again.

Josie Sawyer:

Zzzzz! “Stop snoring!” I yelled. I wonder when we are going to get there? All of our friend’s cars pulled in and so did ours. When we got there I was so happy. I got to share a bunk bed with my sister Allie! That same night I heard a sound. It sounded like it was outside. Suddenly it startled me! Without a hesitation I alerted Allie and woke her and grabbed the lantern and ran outside with her. It was a very dark stormy night. Whish went the sea. I could still hear creek. As we walked Allie whispered, “I see something.”   “It is getting closer.” I whispered back. All of a sudden we saw it. It looked so freaky. Finally we saw it really good. It was Black Beard’s pirate ghost ship. We ran inside and locked all the doors and windows and ran into everyone’s bedroom and alerted them. Finally we huddled together in the biggest room. We were all silent. We asked Sheila to go check if the pirate ghost was gone. Sheila said excitedly, “He’s gone!” The rest of the week we decided to learn about him. We learned his real name is Edward Teach. It was a great vacation.

Owen Wang:

One day I was walking and all of a sudden I tripped. I fell in the mud and it got all over me.   “Mom, Mom,” I yelled. I fell in the mud. Can you wash my clothes?” My mom said no because I’m washing other clothes. A second later my mom appeared. After that my mom washed it. I felt sad when I fell. I hope that it doesn’t happen again.

Alex George:

Oww! I just got tripped on the ice. I started sliding on the ice. My coach is coming to get me off the ice. My coach brought me into the locker room. Just then my coach took my sock off. There was a huge bruise. My coach wrapped my leg up. Then we went to the hospital. The doctors said that I broke my ankle. The next day my hockey team came to see me. I was in the hospital for two days. Two days later I was free to go. I still had my cast but I was free to go. Oh what a relief it was. I hope it never happens again.

Denzel Oykere:

Vroom! Tires went boom as they rubbed against the metal rims. He thought that he was going to lose the race. He kept on asking his co-pilot, “Is my car’s speed fast enough?”   Yes and at the end he wins it.

Carly Gingras:

When I was in Florida I made a resting spot for me. When I was making it, I felt really sad because I was dreaming about the sea horse dying in the sand. Because it was so sad, I was dreaming about my dog. That was so sad because my dog died. When I went inside I told my mom and dad and brothers. They were like o.k. do you want to stay inside?

Nadia Schultz:

Me and my dad went to the flower shop to get some flowers for my mom because it was Happy Mother’s Day. We had trouble figuring out what bouquet of flowers to get. It was just too hard so I picked it out. I chose a bouquet with red and blue flowers. Mom loved them. She said I am going to put these in a glass of water. Yay! I knew you would love them mom. Mom said, “I adore them. Thank you.” So mom kissed me. I chose the red and blue flowers because they were beautiful. I called group hug. Me, dad and mom hugged each other.

Alana Finacom:

“On no!” I shouted. My Grammy fell as I was having vanilla ice cream. I ran down the hallway. I called what happened Grammy. She shouted, “I missed the step.” Just then my dad and uncle ran down the hall. They asked what happened. My Grammy explained what happened. I missed the step. Then my dad and uncle made it to the hallway. They lifted my Grammy to her chair. Her knee looked red and a little black. She had to put a bandage on it. I really hope she feels better.

Barbara Wagner:

One day me and my dad went to see the sunrise. “It’s beautiful,” I sighed. My dad replied, “It sure is.” I asked my dad if he could play with me. He answered, “Yes!” “Whoopee!” I yelled. We started to play. In the middle of the game something magical happened. A second later we were in space. “We are floating.” I yelled. We saw planets and galaxies. We even saw the sun. We also saw aliens. Some were mean and some were friendly Some were green and some with blue with orange stripes. I was a little excited and worried. Soon we were back to our house and I was glad to be back home.

Bill Donohoe:

The Museum Robbers are going to rob the museum. They are sneaking into the museum from the roof. There are lasers that shoot out when everyone is out of the museum. The master crook got through the lasers. The other crook ran through the lasers and set the alarm off. One of the crooks got the diamond.   The two crooks are fighting over the diamond. A policeman jumps down from a helicopter. The master crook says to the other crooks, “Why did you run though the lasers?” The other crook said, “I wanted to get the diamond to give to my mom. “ A crane is going to lift the crooks into the air.   The crane is lifting the jail into the air. The crooks felt bad for stealing.

Hayden Lindsey:

“Hold on!” I said as my dog pulled on the leash. Woof! Stop” All of a sudden my dog ran away. She was going too fast for me. “Come back.” I yelled. She did not stop. I was so out of breath. I was huffing and puffing . The next day I heard barking from outside of my window. I looked outside and I saw my dog. “Mom, Dad.” I cried. “Look it’s our dog, Yeah! I was happy that I found my dog.

Jarrett Ellis:

What a hit. Jarrett  booms it to the other field. The crowd is going wild. Yay! Wahoo Jarrett is running as fast as he can. Five seconds left. Jarrett is running. He slides home and he makes it . The San Francisco Giants win the World Series. He runs to his team. After that he goes over to the other team. He tells the kids they did a great job. A second later we got our trophies. We were proud. See you next year. I added that was fun.

Ryan Keddy:

I was playing football with Jarrett, Bryson, Alex and John. Before I knew it, it was bad because me and Jarrett bumped into each other. I see bruises on my leg. I feel my foot pounding. I hear sand and rocks crumbling. I thought it would gush out blood. Oh no, I got hurt!. I can help you yelled the teacher. I went to the nurse. She made it all better. It was the worst and a bad day in my life. I hope it never happens again.

Joseph Galli:

I went with my dad and mom to Mexico. I went on a zip line and I thought I was going to fall off.   I felt a little scared. First I was low and then I got higher and higher. I saw the top of the trees. I heard birds. I felt the wind blowing on my face. At the end of my ride a man caught me. I felt good because I like going fast.

Jennifer Noetscher:

No, No, No, NO I demanded to my dad. “I REALLY don’t want to have swimming lessons.” I added. My dad sat on the bed. He explained swimming lessons are VERY important. Here’s an example: If you were driving on a bridge when you are a grown-up (in the future) and you crash into the side of the bridge (on accident) and a piece of the bridge falls down with you and your car, what would you do?” Before I drive on bridges, I would just practice driving a car a lot. I said, “I’ve had enough.” My dad sighed as he hauled me out of the room and down the stairs and then all the way to one of my two couches. But since my dad had enough, I am going to try swimming lessons.

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