Shrewsbury Education Foundation: “In Your Honor”

by Missy Hollenback, Shrewsbury Education Foundation

NEW! Shrewsbury Education Foundation has 2 OPTIONS FOR “IN YOUR HONOR”.  This program is a great way to thank that special school employee or teams and make a tax-deductible donation to SEF at the same time.  You might be concerned about budget cuts and want to make a long-lasting valuable contribution to Shrewsbury Public Schools. The registered non-profit, volunteer run Shrewsbury Education Foundation is celebrating 20 years of donating to Shrewsbury Schools.

Traditional “In Your Honor”

Give a gift donation in any amount for any number of school employees.  A letter will be sent to the teacher with your family’s name, your donation will be mentioned but not the amount.  This is a great way to honor those teams of staff in the middle schools and high schools or for a child with an IEP with extra help or support staff, without a huge expense. Please [ click here ] to download the traditional In Your Honor form.


A glass apple with the “In Your Honor” inscription and the year donated will be presented for a minimum $25 donation per school employee.   A letter will also be sent to the teacher with your name or the class name letting the teacher know a donation has been made to SEF in their honor.  The amount of the donation is not shared. This is a great way to for room parents or groups of friends to chip in and to give a gift of recognition which is truly “planting the seeds” for future innovative, and stimulating enrichment.  Please [ click here ] to download the An Apple for a Teacher form.

For more info to our or a to make a secure PayPal donation.  If you have questions please call Missy Hollenback 508/284-7314 or

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