Mrs. Darling’s Third Graders

Class Poems

Angry Birds

English: Quill pen tip

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by Jackson White

Always angry at the pigs!
Never ever going to give up.
Going to knock them down,
Ready for some action!
Yelling for victory!
Burying them all the time.
It’s always a blast!
Ready for the last level.
Dominating the pigs.
Sometimes we have special features!

— —


by Dylan Lemay

Balloons everywhere
Ice cream cake
Rest up for party
The day is all about you
Have fun
Dig for presents
Ate a lot of cake
Your day is fun
Some even have it on holidays!

— —


by Alexander Zhang

Home is so awesome because you can be
On TV and saying “hi” to your
Mom and I like
Every home because I get to go to bed!

— —


by Teddy McLaughlin

Oreo Cookies
Oh so crunchy
Kept in the kitchen
In a cookie jar
Each cookie so good
So many cookies

— —


by Jarid Whitten

Christmas Eve, Christmas
Holidays are fun
Ready to build a snowman,” I say
Icicles hanging on the roof
Santa is on his way
Toys galore all over the floor
Merry Christmas,” Santa said
Always be excited for Christmas
Snow on the ground and roof!

— —


by Vinay Verma

Books are fun to read
Outstanding time to read when you have nothing to do
Outside is a good place to read
Keep reading until the book is finished
Some people like to read and some don’t.

— —


by Caroline Menzie

Candy, hard and soft
And the yummy caramel syrup
Not far from dripping with
Delicious rainbow sprinkles on top of a
Yummy, candy-infested ice cream sundae!

— —

Were You Afraid?

by Aaron Terpko

I’m afraid of Pilgrims.
They scare me with their bows and arrows.
I’m afraid of the French, their loud guns firing.
I’m afraid about war, the men are fighting and their loud voices.
But when something scares me, I will not be afraid.

— —


by Rebecca Edwardsen

Look at the beautiful colors!
You cannot even see the grass under the colors.
When I lay down the colors start to crackle.
What are they?

— —


by Liam Maher

Christmas is a
Happy time of year
Reindeer ornaments
In my tree
Sometimes I pray to God when I go to bed
To ask him for my wish list to come true
My list is only two Lego sets
And a movie
Sometimes I wish it were always Christmas!

— —


by Norah Bowles

Caramel candy, candy canes
Ho Ho Ho
Reindeer tap their feet, “clop, clop”
I see the beautiful trees gleaming in the night
Santa will bring joy and cheer to the kids
To this very night
Merry Christmas
And here’s
Santa Claus

— —

Video Games

by Kyle Moreira

Video games, every level is an adventure!
Sometimes you’ll never want to leave your video games.
If you’re going on a trip in your car and you have an ipod or iphone, bring it!
If you’re really into a video game and people talk to you, say “I’M BUSY!!!”

— —

What’s In There?

by Joshua Bueno

I wonder what’s in my brother’s room?
The moon? A loon? A giant cocoon?
Or is it a normal room?
Better check…
Ah!!! Oh, ha, hen, not strange, ah, bye!

— —


by Hanna Weldai

The snowflakes are falling down.
Softly they go on my tongue.
Drifting all around onto the grass
Making lots of snow piles.
I jump into piles of snow
Made from snowflakes
That drift from the sky.

— —


by Connor Mongeon

The leaves are falling to the ground
They are falling gently
No one knows where they will fall
One might even land on me
I rake up all the fallen leaves
I still need to clean the driveway
I don’t know how long it will take
It might even take a whole day.

— —


by Caroline Evans

Dance with your heart
And your feet will follow.
Now all you have to do is add music and steps,
Carefully you should pick and choose.
In recitals, I get really nervous.
Now I know it’s a big crowd but
Go, go and dance with your heart.

— —


by Sofia Schultz

I see yellow, orange, brown and red leaves falling.
I hear the wind blowing in my ear.
I feel inside surprised that all of the leaves fell off all the trees.
I smell sweet apple pie.
I taste yummy turkey.
I touch the cold, heavy fork.

— —

Ice Cream

by Alyssandre Laurent

Put your tongue in ice cream,
Lick until you get a brain freeze,
Cotton candy, chocolate cookie dough,
Milky way, vanilla and strawberry,
Eat until you get a stomachache
Scream! Scream! Scream!
I scream, you scream,
We all scream for ice cream!!

— —


by Sarah Doyle

Amazing drawings
Really beautiful artwork
Try your best.

— —

Hulk Smash!!!

by Charlie Heffernan

He is a super
Uncommon person that
Likes to smash. He is the
King of strength. Hulk Smash!

— —

What Ants Need to Do

by Charlotte Harnois

Ants are very small
Normally stealing food from people
Trying to help the colony feed and watch the little ants.

— —

I Think I’m a Ghost

by Arun Loganthan

I don’t think anyone sees me,
It feels like I am dead.
No one even talks to me,
Or maybe I’m just deaf.
I do not think they notice me,
Sometimes they walk through me!
Christmas Eve

by Isabelle Hendricks

Crashed to bed early ‘cause Santa’s coming.
How many presents will I receive?
Red and green on the Christmas tree.
I put out cookies and milk for Santa.
Smelling the Christmas tree.
The excitement when I open my presents.
Making my Christmas list to give to Santa
Asking my mom what she wants for Christmas.
Santa comes down the chimney with all the presents.

— —

Falling Leaves

by Alex Kachajian

Fires in the forest
Apple cider donuts
Leaves falling from a tree
Leaf piles came from the tree

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