Persuasive Essay 2: Miss Kalagher’s Fourth Graders

The fourth grade teachers have been working on teaching their students to write persuasively, so Ms. Wilkin suggested the topic of soliciting help for the Playground Community Build.
by Miss Kalagher’s 4th grade class

Walter J. Paton needs your help! Please come and help build our new playground on Saturday, May 19 June 23.

As a school we have worked long and hard to raise over $70,000. Some of us have raised money by organizing lemonade stands in our neighborhoods.  We have sold colorful bracelets to remind everyone of how wonderful our school is.  There was a large donation container for spare change, boy did we get a lot of money there.  Lastly, some of us even made handmade gifts to sell.

Playgrounds promote physical health too.  On our new playground we will be able to use our muscles for climbing.  We will also be able to build strong leg muscles while pumping our legs on the new swings. We even have obstacle courses that will keep us energized.

The whole Shrewsbury community can enjoy our new playground.  While visiting the soccer field across the street, kids can come over and play.  If someone doesn’t have a swing set of their own, they can come and enjoy ours during the weekends. Summer camps can plan activities at Paton. Our very own Extended Day program will be able to spend hours enjoying our new playground too.

We have done our part to get the new playground, we now need you and your strong muscles to help us build it.

Thank you,

Miss Kalagher’s 4th grade class

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