Mrs. Leifer’s Fourth Graders

Mrs. Leifer’s 4th grade class wrote poems

— —

Whirling Leaves
By Ashley Girouard

Buckets of leaves float to the ground,
I hear birds singing amazing sounds
A cold breeze fills the autumn air,
And tosses fall leaves everywhere.
Marching bands of hungry squirrels,
Dancing leaves dip and twirl.
The rhythm of the honking geese
Echoes round the empty trees.
Scarecrows scattered everywhere
With button eyes and old yarn hair.
The stunning blanket of dry fall leaves,
Wind chimes clank like ringing keys.
A squirrel hops, leaves sway in the breeze,
Smoke rises from the chimney tops and curls around
The giant trees.
Fall makes me think of whirling leaves.

— —

Autumn Poem
By Sean McQuade

Hello autumn
Crumbling leaves
Wind swaying back and forth
Hundreds of leaves setting a carpet on the ground
The scent of pumpkins across the street
Hello apple pie,
Crisp air
Wind beating up against me,
Salty pumpkin seeds
Hello scarecrows,
Raking leaves
Candy corn,
Bags of candy from trick-or-treating
Hello Autumn

— —

By Afra Rindani

Autumn trees surround me
Leaves running not to get raked
Cold wind on my face.
Pumpkins in the vegetable stand all ready to be picked
Tree sap waiting to be eaten.
Apple pie right in the oven for me.
Evergreens have jackets to keep them warm,
Too bad for maple trees so cold in every spot
Fall oh Fall everywhere I walk outside.

— —

By Caitlin Farrell

Hello chilly evenings
fluttering leaves
apple crisp
turkey, sap
dark clouds
the sun going down
bare trees
Welcome Halloween
crisp air
cold days
blazing cold breezes
birds flying south
Hi hot cocoa
sagging trees and

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