Mrs. Moran’s Third Grade Class

A Nature Walk

— —

by Holly Hruskoci

Slowly Walking,
Through a Forest,
Breathing fresh outdoor air.

I can feel mushy grass under my shoes.
I hear leaves rustling, cars honking, crows speak.
I can smell fresh pine tree air.
I can see birdhouses, moss on trees, little insects.
I can taste fresh forest air.

Trudging on mud and rocks,
I can realize what outdoors is like,
Colorful leaves shimmer,
I think about nature.

— —

by Henry Donnelly

Outside we were on a sensory walk.
I first couldn’t hear anything…
Not even a squawk.
But, then I heard some cars
But none led to Mars.
Then the strangest thing happened…
I saw a balloon!
Good thing it was not floating off to the moon.
We went to the playground so playful…
And fun…
We walked to the nature trail,
We all had to come.
I used a lot of senses today…
I went back inside and thought, “Hooray!”

— —

by Kayla Daignault

Wind, grass, pine needles too.
I smell the cookies in the lunchroom.
Walking carefully past the poison ivy,
Moss, moist.
Bugs in the filthy creak!

Feathers, roots, branches too.
Full bulletin boards by the classrooms.
Most of all…
Sticks, leaves, and nature galore!

— —

by Diyala Bera

Where the golden sun glows,
I see leaves blowing in the wind.

Sitting on a cold rock,
Where the moss grows,
I can smell the mucky mud.
Very wet.

Touching the dirt,
While it moves across my hands,
I see little bugs crawling around,
On the ground.

Standing in the fresh air,
While it flies across my face,
I see all the trees and bushes
With all that nature!

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