Lyons Lemonade Funds For Paton Playground

by Diane Lyons, Paton Parent

I hope everyone has enjoyed their summer and is ready to start the new school year. I just wanted to pass this along to show you how much Paton and the Paton playground are loved and missed.

Alison Lyons (Grade 4) and Carolyn Lyons (Grade 2) had this idea to raise money for the playground, a lemonade and painted rock sale. They raised $58.31. The customer donation attachment was from a young woman who could not make the event so she mailed in $10. The rest of the donations were from a few family members and a few close neighbors and one generous man that happened to drive by and he donated $20 dollars because he loves lemonade and wanted to help after hearing the girls talk about their school and playground.

I also want to thank all of you for all that you do. Paton is an awesome school because of it’s wonderful staff, volunteers and structure. We have been thankful to be part of this community and school district.

Lyons Lemonade Sale

Alison and Carolyn Lyons selling lemonade for the playground

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