Talent Show Coming To Paton

The 1st annual Paton School Talent Show will be on Friday June 3, 2011 at the Oak Middle School Auditorium.  The show starts at 6pm, and acts are expected to arrive at 5:30pm. Rehearsal is Wednesday, June 1 at 5:00 at the OMS Auditorium.

For more information contact Colleen Kalagher at col@townisp.com or (508) 826-1936 (after school hours only please)


  • One act per child.
  • 2 Minute MAX time limit per act (60 – 90 seconds best).
  • No profanity allowed!
  • No lip-syncing.
  • Appropriate dress required.
  • Be creative, use props, unique costumes, etc.
  • Send music selection (CD or MP3file) to Colleen Kalagher- no later than MAY 25.

Print this entry form (below) and send to Colleen Kalagher (Paton Office)- Due ASAP, no later than May 25.

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