Mrs. Carlson’s Second Graders

After studying weather in science, the second graders in Mrs. Carlson’s room chose different types of weather to write about.  Each child wrote a weather haiku.


by Niko Prifti

I break houses down

I am round, crush, whush, …

I am tornado



Snow Is Falling

by Krista Kachajian

Snow, snow, I like you

Snowflakes, snowflakes, drizzling by

Mmmmm, snow is tasty




by Urmila Shanmugam

Snow, snow, day and night

You are everywhere in sight

Gently snow will go




by Jacob Taylor

Snow falling in groups

Snow is flying threw the air

The blizzard is here




by Hayden Dodge

Puddles, puddles, splash

Rain, rain, rain, I can play in it

I get soaking wet



A Bolt of Lightning

by Joshua Fife

Powerful, scary

Loud, I shock people, I hurt

Different colors




by Emma Kiefer

I destroy houses

I suck up water so fast

I zip and I zoom



Dust Devils

by Jack Combs

Spin, spin, dust devil

I often go in deserts

I’m made out of dust

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