Mrs. Carlson’s Second Graders

Mrs. Carlson’s 2nd grade class is working on writing stories with entertaining beginnings. The students are using the techniques of showing action, including their thoughts, and adding some sound and dialogue to grab the reader.

Frog Pond
By Abigail Adams

“Yikes” I said as I splashed in the mud. I had tripped over a frog just as I got to the part of the pond where there were more frogs than the other side. When I had just got to that side, I could feel the happiness inside me. While there was a frog in my hand, I laughed with wet slime dripping from my fingertips.

Frog Pond
By Disha Adapa

“Croak, croak” What in the world, I thought as I listened to the frogs some more. “Croak, croak” I gently touched the frog. “Aah” The frog jumped up and I was on the ground with the frog staring at me with his big eyes.

By Jason Rogers

In the desert, I was being chased by a coyote. He was going really fast but I kept running from him. Then I hid  from it behind a rock. I’m going to wait until he goes away from this spot. Then I’m going back to where I came from.

Frog Pond
By Sarah Jones

“Eek!” I yelled, as I fell into the water. “I’ll get you” I called to the frog. The frog croaked happily. “You frog, I’ll get you!”

By Kacie Conant

So when I got outside I heard the birds singing, bumble bees buzzing, and smelled the sweet sweat of the flowers.

By Olivia Alicandro

One day, a day that was automatically scary. Here at the desert, I was wiping the sweat off my forehead. Suddenly, way down near the rocky cliff I saw a furry big thing on its knees. I took a guess. “Hmmm” I said. Maybe a type of animal I guessed. I couldn’t wait. I wanted to figure out what that thing was and now! So I took a walk down where the thing was. I tapped on him. Then again. Once more. He turned around and he got really mad. So he started chasing me. I’m telling you it wasn’t a good view.

Frog Pond
By Hasan Gandor

I went to the frog pond and said, “I bet I’ll catch some frogs.” Then I saw a frog on a lily pad. So I took my net and tried to catch it but it got away. So I said, “Oh why did the frog have to get away?” “EEEEEK!” “AHHH” A frog jumped right over my head. So I took my net and got the frog, then…

Frog Pond
By Kara Haley

“Ribit, ribit” “I am going to catch you frog.” Hey, you made me fall in the mud. I’m going to catch you this time! I caught you. Hey, come back here frog! Where did you go?

By Andrea Liu

Crunch! Crunch! The leaves rustled while I walked through the woods. It was a pitch black night. I was using up the last of my flashlight.  Suddenly, Pop! The light went out on my flashlight. I tried to signal on my cellphone. “Darn!” It couldn’t signal this far. Just then rustle, rustle! Flap, flap! I stood frozen.

Frog Pond
By Sophia Merolle

Ribit, ribit! There are so many frogs. Splash! I cannot catch any frogs. Croak!

Frog Pond
By Rachel Pittorino

Croak, croak. I wonder what that is. It must be one of those frogs in the pond. But where is it? Maybe it went into that hole. Well, I’ll have to save it. So I took off my boots, rolled up my pants, and I was ready to go. Yuck! The dirt was like quicksand. I wonder if I’m going to get stuck?

Haunted House
By Serena Arpino

I was in a haunted house all frightened, and hearing all different sounds. Creepy sounds. I saw buckets of water falling. “Hello, is anybody there?” Water was falling from the ceiling and then it stopped. I heard broomsticks dropping from the ceiling. I heard “Wa, wa, he, he!”  All of a sudden, it seems like two witches flew on each side of me. “Whoa”, I didn’t know witches are real! “ Ooohh. “Ghosts!”


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