Mrs. Lepiesza’s First Graders

The first graders in Mrs. Lepiesza’s class read poetry about Thanksgiving. They then took time to write their own Thanksgiving acrostic poems about the things they are thankful for.

Matt Swaim
Trees so I can breath
Hens that make breakfast
Apples because they’re healthy
Nickels so we can buy stuff
Kittens because they’re cute
Food so we don’t starve
Umbrellas that keep us dry
Lunch so we can take a break

Amanda Clifford
Turkey that I eat
Holiday because they’re my favorite
Amy my mom
November 12 my mom’s birthday
Kate Foley my friend
Flowers that smell good
Unicorns that are pretty
Lana Clifford my cousin

Jarid Whitten

T.V. my favorite thing to do
Ham that is good to eat
Apples are very good
Names that are important
Karin who is my mom
Fish that are fun
Umbrellas that keep you dry
Loving my mom

Allison Sawyer
Texas where my mom lived
Ham that we can eat
America that is our country
Necks to help us swallow
Kittens which are cute
Fall so we can play
Umbrellas that keep us dry
Lollipops which are candy

Anthony Morana

T,V, that we watch
Hens who give me eggs
Apples I can eat
Navy people who keep us safe
Kittens that are fuzzy
Fish who have sharp fins
Umbrellas that keep me dry
Lips that help us talk

Abagayle Falcon
Turkey to feed us
Homes for us to live in
Apples that feed us
Nicole my mom
Kids for friends
Food to eat
Understanding people
Loving my family

Dylan Lemay
Toys to scare my sister
Ham that I eat
Autumn my favorite season
Nickels my favorite cents
Kid that I am
Freedom that we have
Uncles that I love
Lauren my sister

Jacob Missall

TV so I can rest
Home so I can not be homeless
Air so I can breath
Noses so I can smell
Kids so I can play
Fans to keep cool
Umbrellas to keep dry
Lunch so I can eat

Bode Iris
Toys that I play with
Ham so I can eat
Air Force to keep us safe
Names to know people
Kisses to love people
Family to love people also
Uncles for your dad to have a brother
Laws to keep us safe

Connor Mongeon
Tabby cats that I can pet
Ham that I eat
Airplanes that I can ride
Names so you can remember you
Kids so I can have friends
Freedom so you can’t be bossed
Umbrellas to keep you dry
Lightning for electricity

Jackson Strickland

T.V. that I can watch
Houses that I can live in
Apples that I can eat
Names like mom
Kittens that I can cuddle
Food that I can eat
Unicycles that I can ride

Jack Peters
Turkey so I can eat it
Hanukkah so my aunt can celebrate
Air so we can breath
Naps so I can rest
Kisses for my family
Freedom for our country
Umbrellas to keep us dry
Little sister Ann


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